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Property Owner Responsibilities

As your appointed property management company RMG has a set of clearly-defined responsibilities to you. As a leaseholder you too have certain (legally binding) responsibilities, not just to us, but to your Management Company, your neighbours and people visiting your development and its communal areas.

The service charge

One of your main areas of responsibility as a leaseholder is to pay your annual service charge on time - for the simple reason that as managing agents we can't pay contractors to repair and clean your property without the funds in place For this reason your lease will often require that you pay your service charge in advance in order to ensure that the property is well maintained and repaired, safe and properly insured.

In addition, it is strongly advisable that everyone resident contributes to major redecorations fund, (sometimes known as a Reserve Fund) - redecorations are expected to happen every three-to-five years. External decorations are a mandatory part of your lease terms; for more information check your lease to discover your expected financial contribution to these repairs and when the decorations are next due.

Seeking consent

It's also important, as a leaseholder, that you maintain good relations with your freeholder - which principally means making sure you ask for their consent when planning anything major - whether it is alterations to your property or an intent to sub-let. This is because, ultimately, it's the obligation of the freeholder to ensure that all leaseholders comply with the responsibilities of their lease, for the good of everyone.

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