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Transfer of Development Management Responsibilities

The following is a brief resume setting out the responsibilities of Residents Management Companies or Residents Associations. In the event of any doubt, Residents should contact their own Solicitor or refer to legal documentation.

Your Resident Development is 'RMG Living'.

The Development was formed by the house builder/developer to look after the communal areas, i.e. external grounds/garden areas, internal communal areas, repairs to the buildings, except freehold houses, if any to the development. By purchasing a property on a development site where a resident Development is formed, purchasers become members of the Development and are required to uphold the respective covenants, as identified within the terms of the lease/transfer document, where applicable.

The Development is not responsible for individual flats, where applicable, themselves in respect of maintenance/repairs, but has limited authority to deal with any breaches of the lease within the flats, i.e. noise from within a flat causing a disturbance to a neighbouring property.

The Development deals with the appointment of contractors, and the payment in respect of works and services are met from the maintenance charge contribution paid by residents. The Development pays invoices in respect of all these services and items identified on the analysis of the maintenance charge.

It is at times the Development Limited which is responsible for the implementation of block buildings insurance in the case of flats/apartments (where applicable), and accordingly there is no need for any individual buildings insurance cover. Freehold houses are individually responsible for the implementation of their own building insurance cover. If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services department.

The Development is also responsible for dealing with any solicitors' enquiries at the time of the sale of a property.

At some time in the future, following the final sale, the Development will be released/transferred into residential control, at which time residents will appoint Directors by and from amongst their own number, those Directors thereafter having control over the affairs of the Development, in accordance with the terms of the Lease and the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Those Resident Directors will be responsible for setting the level of maintenance charge, reviewing quotations etc. The Resident Directors may either choose to run the affairs of the Development themselves or may appoint managing agents to run the Development's affairs on their behalf. RMG would be willing to continue, if requested at that time.

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