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Paperless Terms and Conditions

Residential Management Group Ltd (“RMG”) is introducing a paperless service for the issue of all communications, demands and notices relating to your lease / property.

By opting in to the RMG paperless system you agree:

Please ensure that you advise us immediately if you change your email address so we may update our records and ensure you continue to receive all communications relating to your property from RMG.

Please ensure that your electronic mail address is secure as RMG cannot accept any responsibility for any person other than the addressee of the communication, demand or notice having read, moved or deleted the electronic mail without you having seen it.

RMG reserve the right to send you all communications, demands and notices by other methods, including but not limited to first class post, recorded delivery or by hand in addition to your designated email address. Therefore, please ensure that you inform RMG immediately of any changes to these details as soon as possible.

To download a copy of these terms, please click here or here for our Cookie & Privacy Policy

Legal Information

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